Earn 1200 Rupees One Day – CatsGarden App

By | July 11, 2020

Collect Coins and Tokens, take dream prizes.
Tap, scratch, collect, take rewards home. Simple, fun and easy.
Take some spare time, join us and be one of the winners! Download CatsGarden to collect your fortune every day. The more you play, the more rewards you can win! What are you waiting for? Get your first Cats! Two same level cats can be merged into a higher-level super cute cat. More cats more surprises.
Within adorable mewing, interesting tasks and rich rewards, you will find happiness and easy income in the CatsGarden.Receive stable rewards offline and collect double or more once come back online!
Unlimited Lucky Spins and endless USD rewards.Cute cats only one click away with auto-merge, this is easiest crypto-earning game to play.
The more time you spend with your cats, the more USD you will earn! Ready to join us and become one of our biggest coins USD winners?

  • No purchase required in the application. 100% charge free!
    Make real USD daily from multiple tasks, exchange your fragmented time for stable income!
    Invite your friends to play and share the treasures brought by the cute cats! The more friends you invite, the more income you make!
    If you want to get loads of coins and real money, come and pick one cat!
    Want to become a cryptocurrency holder? Jump on the ride with us here in CatsGarden.
    If you love animal evolution games, cute cat games and exploration games, you must check this app! Help little kittens to explore the uncharted lands filled with ruins of cats empire, castles, ancient temples, spooky lawn, beach shore, and other places to visit! Start with just a couple of cats and enlarge your army of kittens to the dozens and hundreds! Meet new funny kitty with each new treasure chest and recoger gold!

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