Moontopia introduces itself: See the new design of the colony on the moon

Professor Lewis Dartnell of the University of Westminster presented his plan to build a colony on the Moon. Tzv. Moontopia should be located inside the massive hollow ducts that have arisen as a result of the lunar volcano eruptions.

The basic idea is that these channels should provide settlers with sufficient protection against cosmic rays and extreme temperature fluctuations.


They could also help solve the problem of lack of atmosphere, which, according to Dartnell, “one of the greatest obstacles to be overcome” – that is, if they could be closed on both sides.

Nothing for claustrophobics …

As you probably know, one day on the Moon takes almost 28 Earth days. Dartnell therefore suggests installing gigantic lights over Moontopia to ensure that the night-day cycle is as close as possible to what people have been accustomed to over the long term.

 Hospital and no national flags. Even so, life on the moon might look

Life in Moontopia would certainly not be a walk through the rose garden. Although settlers might occasionally go to the surface (for example because of mineral extraction), they would be forced to spend most of their time in a relatively small urban area with a low population.

“Failure to leave the colony without much preparation and risk could make colony members feel claustrophobic,” the professor wrote.

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